KION Baoli is a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment which operates in
more than 80 countries around the world. Founded in 2003, the Baoli brand was acquired in
2009 by KION, the European market leader and the world’s second largest manufacturer of
warehouse technology. It is also famous for brands such as Linde, Still and Dematic.
KION completely reorganised the Baoli production works, bringing it in line with the most
modern standards: components, technologies, process engineering and production lines are
all currently made in Germany.

The aim of KION Baoli is to satisfy the needs of customers who are seeking quality and
reliability, but without having to have particularly complex equipment, offering a quality-price
ratio which is extremely attractive thanks to components guaranteed by the KION Group
combined with the pragmatism of machinery manufactured in the Far East.

The KION Baoli production facilities are located near Shanghai, covering a total area of
120.000 m2 and with more than 700 employees. The factory has modern painting and
assembly lines and directly manufacturers the key components of its products.


KION Baoli can rely on a network of concessionaries who are all carefully selected to provide
high levels of after-sales support in the individual countries. Baoli EMEA itself directly trains
the maintenance personnel of all the dealers in order to guarantee the level of service.

Spare Parts
In order to guarantee the immediate availability of spare parts throughout Europe, the Middle
East and Africa, KION Baoli has set up a warehouse in Europe which, with a specific area of
more than 10,000 square meters, is currently one of the largest spare parts facilities in the
whole of Europe.


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