We are accredited to carry out Thorough Examination inspections in accordance with the CFTS Quality Assurance Procedural Code.

If you own or operate a fork lift truck you are required by law to ensure that it holds a current LOLER/PUWER report. Failure to comply could invalidate your insurance or leave you open to prosecution in cases of serious accidents occurring due to faulty equipment.

A Thorough Examination is like an MOT for a car but much more complex, it covers brakes, steering, tyres, all the lifting components, hydraulics, chains, forks etc, these are inspected in accordance with LOLER 98 and the PUWER 98 acts.

A Thorough Examination is required for all forklift trucks that are one year old or above and is required to be carried out at least every 12 months but in some instances more frequently (if this is the case it will be advised by the inspecting engineer).

A Thorough Examination is not part of the maintenance procedure (eg. routine servicing) and should be carried out by an accredited company. An accredited company can be identified by the kite mark displayed on the Thorough Examination paperwork.

On completion of a Thorough Examination a report sheet will be filed detailing any defects and the actions required within a limited time scale, the defects if any must then be attended to as specified on the Thorough Examination Report and on completion of the defects being rectified a Thorough Examination Test Certificate will be issued.

If you would like any further information concerning the Thorough Examinations or would like to arrange for an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.