A forklift can be a hugely beneficial asset for your business – not only can they make many operational tasks easier, they can also carry out the work of multiple people and get jobs completed quickly and efficiently

Forklifts are complex pieces of machinery, so it’s crucial to regularly maintain them, in order to ensure they stay in the best possible shape.

With an effective care and maintenance schedule in place, your forklifts can stay strong for years, so here’s some top tips to help you keep them in shape:

Check tyres and keep them inflated

One of the most important maintenance tasks to carry out on your forklift is in regards to the tyres, which should always be thoroughly checked on a regular basis.

Check to make sure they’re fully inflated, have sufficient air pressure, and haven’t suffered significant damage due to wear and tear. Tyre pressure is important to avoid the risk of serious accidents due to factors like poor traction, so ensure they’re not underinflated.

It’s always handy to use a gauge when checking tyres at least once per week, and remember not to overinflate them – as this could lead to blow outs, putting the forklift out of service.

Monitor the fluids

A forklift will have fluids for hydraulics, transmission, as well as engine oil, coolants and more – all of which need to be maintained at the correct levels to ensure strong performance.

These essential fluids make sure the forklift operates smoothly and that all the working parts perform as efficiently as possible. Monitoring these and adopting a regular schedule to change and top up the fluids, will improve overall performance, increase longevity, and prevent engine issues.

Don’t neglect the brakes

Forklifts will often be carrying out particularly strenuous work that could push the brakes hard, resulting in recurring problems.

If the brakes begin to show telltale signs of damage, or any other issues, it’s vital to get them sorted straight away – to avoid them becoming too soft and potentially causing some serious damage.

Remember to clean it regularly

A forklift is often treated like a tool, left to face the elements as it potentially makes multiple journeys outside and back into the building on a daily basis.

The truck will get exposed to plenty of dirt and debris, along with many other potentially corrosive substances, that could all become much trickier to remove if left over time and lead to some costly damage.

Something as simple as giving your forklift a thorough wash and clean once in a while, can not only prevent potential overheating, especially if grime has accumulated around the radiator, but also it will improve its overall appearance, and prolong its working life.

Use quality parts and keep them well lubricated

Any forklift truck has many moving parts, which tend to take on a significant amount of strain on a constant basis, lifting and lowering heavy materials and pallets. It’s never worth cutting costs when it comes to quality parts, as this could lead to frequent breakdowns, and worse – potential safety hazards.

By only using the best parts available, you’ll help to keep staff safe, and potentially save money in the long term by avoiding constant costly repairs.

Also, ensure that any moving parts are kept well lubricated on a regular basis – to help fight friction damage, which can cause your forklift to breakdown a lot quicker.

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